Travel Guide to Anna Maria Island Map

Looking for a gift that is not only unique but will also be a work of art that you can hang on to forever? Then an Anna Maria Island Map may be just what you need. This charming little island is known as America’s first “island within an island,” and even though there are over a hundred beaches, Anna Maria Island is nothing like most beaches!

For lovers of fine art, Anna Maria Island is a haven. Look closely and you’ll discover miniature depictions of the island’s famous beaches, local landmarks, restaurants, and piers. Even some trolleys carrying travelers up and down the island with lovely views. And don’t forget to stop by the Anna Maria Island Reel Pier to enjoy the fine art gallery and beautiful boats.

Anna Maria Island Map

Once, a year the “airee” (boat) tours sail out to the sunny anyway and back, revealing the hidden coves and hidden harbormasters. The sunsets are spectacular and when the boat docks at the pier, the aroma of fresh sand and sea breezes fill the air with the fragrance of honeysuckle and the sweet scent of eucalyptus. If you love nature and sailing then this is the place for you. The beautiful beaches, the harbor, the scenery – everything about this amazing vacation island is simply perfection.

If you love to explore and would like to get away for a day from it all then there are a number of fun activities you can do on the Anna Maria Island beaches. Perhaps you want to go snorkeling, check out the tropical fish, or even try your hand at parasailing! There are a number of great fun activities you can participate in. If you have a car rental then you can explore more of the lovely places the light houseboats leave behind. This is an excellent way to see the sights without having to walk over the sand or drive on the rough seaside terrain.

Most of the Anna Maria Island beaches are long and narrow and they wind around the point where the harbor joins the water. If you want to check out the beautiful nightlife on the beach you will need to get to the shoreline early in the morning. Getting to the beach during the low tide, won’t be easy with the large number of people trying to come across to the beach. Once you get to the beach you’ll find a number of wonderful restaurants, gift shops, bars, and dance clubs, which all serve food and drink for beachgoers. The total number of places to eat, drink, shop, and play on the Island is almost unlimited, so don’t let the limited number of Anna Maria Island beachfront houses keep you from exploring them fully.

While there are a number of great places along the coastline of the island to visit, the most popular tourist attraction is the Anna Maria Island Reel Pier. The entire structure is about three miles long and rises steeply out of the water. For a quick trip that’s great because it gives you the opportunity to explore a part of the Island, you may never get to experience otherwise. To get to most parts of the reels, however, it would be a good idea to take a rental vehicle. For those interested in the history of the site and the actual operation of the reels themselves, there is also a wonderful museum.